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Power Flushing

Power Flushing

The following symptoms could indicate your system has circulation and flow problems resulting from internal corrosion and the subsequent formation of rust, sludge and scale deposits.
  • Is the system slow to warm up?
  • Are some of the radiators completely or partially cold?
  • Do radiators need frequent bleeding?
  • Is your radiator water dirty and discoloured?
  • Radiators with pin hole perforation and leakage?
  • Are there ‘kettling’ noises from the boiler?
  • Do you have repeated pump failures?
A power flush can restore circulation and efficiency to the heating system by removing these undesirable products by purging them from your system and replacing the corroded water with clean water.

Power flushing can be carried out with minimal disturbance and disruption to the normal operation of the system.

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