Boiler Service

An annual boiler service is recommended to ensure that your boiler is operating safely and efficiently. Having your boiler serviced by Xbg Plumbing & Heating can also highlight any weak or failing components which may need replacing before the risk of a breakdown.

The importance of a service

In order for your boiler to continue to operate reliably and at maximum efficiency, a regular boiler service is paramount. Here at Xbg Plumbing & Heating we recommend that our Gas Safe engineers service your boiler every year.

Our regular boiler servicing will keep you warm all year round and give you the peace of the mind that your boiler will not let you down. Most break downs in central heating systems are from poorly maintained boilers. When a part goes wrong in a boiler it can inadvertently add strain to another component in your central heating system. This means it can be greater wear and tear on other components that could be more costly than fixing the broken component in the first place.

boiler service
boiler servicing by a gas safe engineer

What happens during a boiler service?

Boiler servicing can sometimes be forgotten or you may not see the value as something that you consider not important. After all, if there isn’t a visible problem, surely your boiler could go without one, and you could save yourself the money for a service.

I am afraid, that is where you are wrong. An annual boiler service not only ensures the efficiency and health of your boiler, it maintains your manufacturer guarantee and also prevent future more expensive boiler repairs.

Our Xbg Gas Safe engineer will start with checking your boiler and controls, and ensure they’re in a proper working order.

The engineer will also check for leaks, damages and corrosion, which can result in expensive issues if left unnoticed.

They will remove the boiler case and carefully inspect the main system, and the working parts.

A gas pressure check will be conducted as well.

Next is the flue test, to ensure no dangerous CO2 emissions are leaking into the household.

Then the Gas Engineer will clean all parts if they are in need of cleaning.

Finally, your boiler will be sealed and made ready for work. Our Gas Safe Engineer will leave a report behind, so you can see what has been done during the service, and might advise you on additional steps to keep your boiler healthy.

boiler service